Lopata Raimundas

Teaching International Relations After the Cold War

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Santrauka: RAIMUNDAS LOPATA presents the current stage of political Science and International Relations in Lithuania. GEDIMINAS VITKUS examines the essence of European studies as such and their development since the end of WWMI in a few words. The article comprehensively presents MA program in European studies at IIRPS, while briefly comparing the teaching of European studies in Western Europe and Lithuania. JEAN-CHRISTOPHE ROMER exposes organization of International Relations as a field of research and studies in contemporary French academia. Author renders a multidisciplinary nature of the field generating difficulties in locating a specific place for IR in France. In this respect, he describes erratic relations between International Relations, History and Political Science (also Geopolitics and Defense Studies). He also outlines the currents in contemporary French thinking on the hot issues in post-Cold War IR, particularly, the question of State and its sovereignty (especially, facing to the European construction). VALERY MIKHAILENKO discusses ontological and methodological approaches to Soviet foreign policy in Russian academic discourse. Author emphasizes important recent developments in understanding processes of formation and evolution of Soviet foreign policy.

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